Do you believe in fate?

It's a question with no easy an answer. But I will try to outline one, based on the experiences that have come my way. Read on and find out if your fate is certain or is to be ascertained by you.

I am a big believer in karma. I do not believe that life is unfair. Everything that you have experienced, are experiencing, and will experience is a result of your own actions and thoughts. Thinking too is an action. Fate, contrary to what most people believe, is not a published record of your life that came straight from the heavens. Let me explain its workings with an extended metaphor that came to me during one of my longer musings.

Master Oogway and Cherry Blossom

Imagine that you want to build a house for yourself and it is going to be (mostly) a one-man job. As you set out to build the house, you first draw out the general structure of the house, a blueprint of sorts. This blueprint is what you are born with. It tells you how big your house is going to be, whether it is a plan for a hut, a villa, or a castle. If it's going to be a hut then, of course, that is how much your budget allows. The budget is accumulated karma from your previous lives.

The blueprint also tells you where each room of your house is, how luxurious they are going to be and whether you get to recreate a lot. Maybe your dining room isn't going to be very big. This much fate knows. What it doesn't know is whether the foundation is going to be laid out well or whether the bricks are going to be placed right. The house could stand strong and tall or be weak and crumbling. Your skills and craftsmanship decide whether the hut be cozy and inviting or the castle be cold and in ruins. You may have been born with the riches of a castle, but it is up to you to make a home out of it. For every brick you place matters and it is in your own hands.

Contentment does not come from being born rich or being rich. It comes from all the effort you put in to build your home; alternatively, the choices that you make every day. Make sure that your abode is not only beautiful from the outside, but also from the inside by letting the right people in. From what I know, a beggar be a king in his hut, the king be a beggar in his castle. Work hard, learn from your mistakes, and above all, never give up because the destiny of a beautiful home is awaiting you.

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