Monsoon'20: Reads+Watch List

The list is curated to suit everyone's pallet and moods of the monsoon. You could relish all of them in a row or you could select any one of them to taste.

I am very picky when it comes to both books as well as movies and maybe this list will reflect that. But it has also been a way of discovering some of the rare(r) delicacies. I have tried to include most genres of books as well as movies.

1. Never Let Me Go (Book/Movie)

Category: Speculative Fiction, Dystopia, Romance, Sci-Fi

I would recommend the book over the movie, of course. The Nobel as well as Booker (for The Remains of the Day) Prize-winning author Kazuo Ishiguro pens the touching story of Kathy, a girl who grows up within the grounds of Hailsham, a boarding school in England like any other. Or is it, for Kathy and her friends have only ever looked at the world outside from within its gates.

Oh well, England, its cloudy skies and meadow-marshes, should convince you to read the book while the rain knocks at your window. The movie's splendid visuals evoke similar feelings. So be sure to grab a cup of ice-cream, if you are a movie-person.

2. The Invisible Guest(Movie, Spanish)

Category: Thriller, Suspense, Drama

This is hands down one of the best thrillers I have come across to date. I discovered it on Netflix along with a dear friend and neither of us had a clue about the climax until the very end. One hell of an ingenious movie! The theme and lighting of the movie very well suit a rainy day.

3. The Help(Book/Movie)

Category: Historical Fiction, Drama

If you have not yet read a book about the struggles of African Americans or the civil rights movement, this is an extremely good place to start. The book is both poignant and hilarious at the same time.

The movie is almost as good because of the performances of Emma Stone(as the writer) and Viola Davis(as one of the black maids). The setting is that of the American South(Mississipi) in the summers(of the 1960s) and will complement the rainy weather.

4. Duma Key(Book)

Category: Suspense, Horror

I couldn't go without adding a Stephen King's book. The horror is a bit dialed down compared to his other books, so don't hesitate about this one. The key takeaway is this book's vivid descriptions of the Florida coast and its weather. Both dazzling and horrifying in parts. And how can I ever forget Wireman! (Read the book to find out)

5. Tuesday's With Morrie(Book)

Category: Memoir, Inspirational

For all the readers who prefer non-fiction over fiction any day, this beautiful book is for you. I read it quite a while ago, so the details are a little fuzzy. Mitch Albom, the author, gets to meet his favourite professor Morrie Schwartz from university after all these years. Even though Morrie is dying, his energy is unforgettable and he becomes the source of some of the greatest lessons of life to Mitch, who pays him visits over 14 different 'Tuesdays'.

6. Twelve Monkeys(Movie)

Category: Sci-Fi, Mystery, Time-Travel

This is one of the older sci-fi movies(release 1995), nonetheless very original and gripping. It may confuse you at first, but you will come to appreciate the director's skill when the plot comes together effortlessly and makes perfect sense towards the end. You may have to pay close attention to the details along the way. If you know who Bruce Willis is, then go find the movie on Netflix and forget about the rains for a while!

7. Jane Eyre(Book)

Category: Classics, Romance, Mystery

Perfect read for a rainy day! Dark, romantic and mysterious, it really can't get any better. If you are a little unsure about picking it up, find my review here.

I will keep updating this list in the coming days and would love to hear from you(both suggestions and reviews). Also, if you want me to review any of the above gems separately, do inform me in the comments.

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