The Art of Racing in the Rain

Novel By: Garth Stein Category: Fiction, Tear-jerker

Welcome, book lovers and dog lovers! Meet Enzo, the book's almost-human narrator, part lab and, by his own guess, part terrier mix of a dog. Yes, a dog!

"He picked me out of a pile of puppies, a tangled, rolling mass of paws and ears and tails, behind a barn in a smelly field near a town in eastern Washington called Spangle."

Denny, Enzo's hooman, is a race-car driver and he is as good as Aryton Senna, one of the greatest Formula One racers of all time. You wouldn't expect as many racing metaphors as are in this book, at the outset; but for people who love and cherish quotable lines in a book, it won't disappoint one bit.

The book holds some unexpected surprises in its pages. Some may shock you; some will make you want to hug the book to your heart. The journey of Enzo's family is bittersweet and you will likely part with a heavy heart. Yet the book will warm you up enough so that when you look back, it will be with a deep longing. I tell you, you wouldn't want to miss the ending for the world!

"A winner, a champion, will accept his fate. He will continue with his wheels in the dirt. He will do his best to maintain his line and gradually get himself back on the track when it is safe to do so. Yes, he loses a few places in the race. Yes, he is at a disadvantage. But he is still racing. He is still alive."

For those of you who love novels about dogs, wolves and the kind, also check out these classics and my childhood favourites-'White Fang' by Jack London and 'Greyfriar's Bobby' by Eleanor Atkinson. The second is based on the true story of a dog who guarded his master's grave for 14 years, until his own passing.

If you would rather watch a movie, I highly recommend 'Hachi: A Dog's Tale'. Also, based on a true story and a remake of the Japanese film 'Hachikō Monogatari'. Hachi belonged to the Japanese Atika breed. His story of love and devotion is celebrated across Japan even today.

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